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When you see someone with an amazing url and you just sit there wondering who they had to kill to get it.


bbc family shows:




Boldly go where no polish has gone before with our Boldly Go collection, inspired by Star Trek! Just, you know, don’t put on a red shirt. Or if you do, make sure you’re not part of the away team. Because WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT ENDS.

We’re not kidding.

Available in our webshop!

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MERLIN graphic battle: emjayelle vs. fangirlflail
↳ Round 1: one character (2 piece photoset)

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MERLIN Graphic Battle: pendrageon vs. strigoibelikov
↳ Round 1: One Character + 500x100

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Tumblr. My friend and I are having a debate over Chris Pine’s facial hair so please.

Reblog if you prefer him with facial hair
Like if you prefer him without


MERLIN Graphic Battle: pendrageon vs. strigoibelikov
↳ Round 1: One Character + 500x100px
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Excuse me while I move…

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  • †: I would date you.
  • ∆: I would marry you.
  • *: You’re cute.
  • : You’re hot
  • ©: I like you.
  • ≈: I love you.
  • ß: I have a crush on you.
  • ^: I want to be your friend.
  • Ω: I hate you.
  • ◊: I like your blog.
  • ∏: I would fuck you.

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"Take me back, and be my time machine - show me the sky from a new perspective."

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